In the spirit of handcrafted quality, I build bicycles from high quality chromoly steel and top shelf machined drop-outs – one at a time in my shop in Santa Fe.  Most all the frames are made-to-measure for everyday folks looking for a bike made right here in the U.S.A.   Brazing with an oxy-acetylene torch, the tubes are joined either with brass for fillet brazed joints  or silver for lugged type construction which offers the ultimate traditional look – both are extremely durable.

O’Leary Built Bicycles are for the cyclist looking for a custom or semi-custom built steel frame –  designed for on or off-road use at an affordable price. Currently the market price is $1,250 which includes a single color powder coat finish – baked in house!

Growing up in Albuquerque in the 1970’s my family operated a moped and bicycle shop called JJ Moped – currently the site of Kelley’s Brew Pub on Central Ave. – and the smell of bearing grease, rubber tires and the sparkle of shiny components inspired a life-long love of the bicycle.

I hope you’ll take a look around my site – and contact me so we can start working on your next bike together. I say “N+1 = ideal number of bikes,” where N equals your current number! Fully built bicycles are also available.

– Charlie