Hand Built Bikes, Lugged and Brazed

Our process starts with a conversation with the client about goals and aspirations for their custom bike. We discuss the pros and cons of their existing rides, what type of riding they plan to do the most on the bike, or if they have any postural issues or problems with fitting on a bike. Then we take important body measurements and begin designing the bike on Bike CAD Pro. From a computer generated rendering of the bike, we then have the client return to the shop (if you are in-state) and we test the design for comfort and fit on our Calfee Sizer Bike which gives us real time feedback on the fit. If there are any adjustments to be made to the design, we go back and make the changes in Bike CAD before we start construction. Next we begin the actual construction of the frame, mitering tubes, tacking the frame in our Sputnik Frame Jig. We check the alignment during several steps along the way as we braze the frame in its final configuration. Then we clean-up the fillets and prepare the frame for paint with a light blast in our media blast cabinet. We currently are powder coating all our own frames in house to ensure a top quality finish. Finally we assemble the new bicycle for pick up at the shop or shipping to your home.