UX: Urban Cross Bike

The “UX” Urban Cross Bike is designed for both on and off road use. This bike build is nearly as fast and smooth as a road bike on pavement, with the 650B x 48 mm tires providing excellent traction and stability off road. The “Mary” style handlebars provide excellent upright comfort with geometry that can also accommodate aggressive uphill climbing. The seat post shock absorber provides for significantly increased comfort on longer rides and over miles of rough, bumpy surfaces. The rear rack provides for luggage/freight carriage, eliminating the need to wear a backpack, enabling the rider to stay cooler. Alleviating heat stress is more important than ever as the world moves deeper into the overheated Anthropocene. The dual position pedals provide versatility so that riders are free to wear normal shoes or clip in for more power. The metal flake paint speaks quite eloquently for itself. This bike is designed to be a no-regrets, all-around transportation machine.

650B x 48 mm “Switchback Hill”: “This tire is designed to roll as fast and grip as well as a good racing tire, and the extra floatation of the Switchback Hill gives you more speed and security when the going gets really rough. This tire can transform the performance of a 27.5″ mountain bike on gravel or paved roads.” The Switchback Hill is tubeless-compatible in both standard and extralight casing.

650B x 42 mm “Babyshoe Pass”: “Rolls as fast as a racing tire on paved surfaces, yet floats across gravel.” Requires tubes.

Emerald Metal Flake